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Beautiful snow

Sunday, 01 February 2009



This morning I didn’t feel hungry so I had a glass of water with some lemon. Then I went to the shops to pick up a few bits. When I got home I made a salad of raw coleslaw, mixed leaves, a tomato, some red onion and a bit of marinated mushrooms that I have made for dinner. The coleslaw was really nice I made it by shredding some white cabbage; grating some carrot I mixed this with some red onion and pine nuts and made the dressing from an avocado and some olive oil. Then I mashed up to dressing with the mixture. This created a lovely texture and is really filling. I had a slight headache after eating this, which I never usually get. But it only lasted a couple of minuets.


For dinner I had puff pastry topped with roasted vegetables and mozzarella. It was lovely but left my head feeling a little stuffy (I get this a lot after eating cooked foods and it is a big motivation for my to eat raw, clearly my body doesn’t like it).


It started snowing- it’s beautiful!


About an hour after dinner I made big a large fruit salad with blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and papaya with a sprinkling of cacao nibs. I had this with a glass of apple juice mixed with fizzy spring water.


Later I had the urge of cooked food and hovered about in my kitchen for a bit deciding if I should give in or not. Finally I had a flax cracker covered with hummus (not raw), a handful of raisins and I finished off the rest of the coleslaw.

I'm feeling quite good I tend to feel disappointed with myself when i'm raw all day then binge on cooked food and sweets during the evening. I will try having a few cooked dinners next week but hopefully I won't want one everyday.     :)


Good Night xx

Raw Goddies




A few of my entries have been a little on the long side so I will try to keep them short from now on.


I received my parcel from the fresh network and the food is amazing! I have had cacao nibs before but these ones taste so much more chocolaty (I guess live food always differs in taste). I wasn’t so keen on the larabars at first but now I quite like them, they have a nice dense texture with is great for cooked food cravings. I also received some raw pesto (which is wonderful I want to try making some raw pasta), some flax seed crackers and some amazing raw chocolate bars (I will defiantly be buying these again). The chocolate bars are from conscious chocolate they have a delicious melt in your mouth texture- sort of like a firm butter but not greasy.


Today I had a raw breakfast: raspberries, a pear and an orange.

Snack: Smoothie

Lunch: an avocado with tomatoes and salad and some flax crackers.

Dinner: I had a cooked butternut squash and lentil soup but two slices of bread.


The cooked food was strange it filled me up so quickly and made my tummy ach a little.


I had a lot of work and early mornings coming up so I need all the energy I can get- hopefully this will motivate me. I had a project to do on Friday where I was working with some people I have before. I always get nervous when I have to meet new people I had the energy to make conversation early on but the energy quickly drained out of me. I really want to change this.


I also have a family wedding to go to and I want to be glowing by then its in April- I hope this is long enough to start seeing effects!

Also i will be stealing my boyfriend's camera soon so i can take photo's of the food I am buying and making.  I'm also saving up for a juicer, does anyone have any recommendations? I can't afford to spend a lot of money so my budget is £30-£40 maybe £50.


Night all



Tempting Shortcake

Thursday, 29 January 2009




Yesterday was a good day! Apart from some balsamic vinegar and hummus everything else I ate was raw! But today I have slipped up. I managed to eat raw all day, even avoiding sweet snacks when I went shopping with a friend. However when I got back from shopping I craved the comfort of cooked food and had a bowl of noodles, which wasn’t so bad but then I had an urge to eat more I wanted to feel full and have some heavy foods so I had a packet of crisps and a shortbread thingy from m+s. The silly thing is I know I could have stopped myself from eating it I just wanted it more. I think I will try to be a bit more gradual in my attempt to eat raw so I will have a raw breakfast, lunch and snacks and then a cooked healthy dinner. On my practice week that worked well and I found I was choosing a raw meal in the evening too.

Night xx


Tuesday, 27 January 2009




Today has been a mix of raw and cooked food. I woke up late today (I couldn’t sleep last night- I hope this improves with a better diet!) so I had a little salad to start the day with the usual stuff plus avocado. For a snack I made some salsa, which tasted nicer this time as I added more chilli and red onion and put some fresh limejuice in it. For dinner I had a cooked meal of pasta, which tasted more familiar then flavoursome. In the evening I snacked on grapes but I did also have a packet of crisps and I piece of dark chocolate. I am craving sweet for some much this week I think I will need to buy some more berries and mangos when I do my next shop. I am trying to save money this week so I brought cheap fruit such as oranges and apples- I think I may take a little walk down to tesco’s tomorrow to buy some sweet fruit treats, maybe having this in the evening will stop me craving cooked sweets. I’m finding it very easy to eat raw for breakfast; lunch and dinner however I am having trouble when I sit down to watch a program with my flatmate. This is a time when I usually have a cup of tea or coffee and a sweet snack. I have ordered some bits from the fresh network, which I can use to replace these snacks. I will also have to work on reprogramming my brain to stop associating TV with food. The ‘Before you binge’ section on Karen Knowler’s site is very useful. Here are some suggestions of food associations


CHIPS (Fries) = * Warmth * Cuddles * Delicious * Moist * Salty * Hot * Treat * Get lost in the fattiness * Escape


COOKIES = * Child-like * Freedom * Dumb-down * Big crunch/ release aggression * Forget about worries


ICE-CREAM = * Play * Relax * Meditational movement (spoon to mouth, spoon to mouth) * Time out * Leave the world behind * Huddle up on the sofa and chill

WINE = * Being grown up * Being sophisticated * Relaxing * Being sexy * Being liberated * New experience within same situation * Social acceptance * Fun


I have started drinking my fruit juice in a wine glass in the evening, which makes it feel like more of a treat and marks the change from day to evening where I can relax.


I have printed off some off the advice to put on my bedroom wall near my desk.



15 Can't-Go-Wrong Tips for Eating Raw


1) Rinse your body through with at least one large glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink it warm and/or with lemon juice if this makes it easier for you!


2) Drink at least 6 pints of liquid per day, either through pure water, smoothies or fresh juices.


3) Drink away from your meal time – no closer then 30 minutes before eating, and no sooner than 3 hours after eating.


4) Only eat when hungry – yes, even breakfast.


5) Aim for one vegetable juice or superfood smoothie per day, minimum.


6) Fruit, when eaten, should be eaten before a main meal, never after.


7) Eat something green and organic at every main meal.


8) Eat at least one large leafy green salad per day OR drink one large green juice OR make one green smoothie.

9) Eat sprouted foods every day.

10) If you’re eating more-raw
eat a large fresh organic salad with each cooked meal.

11) If you’re eating all-raw
, eat at least one high density food in adequate amounts with your large fresh organic salad per meal (examples: flax crackers, sprouted wheat bread, nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, pâté, sprouted beans)

12) Avoid desserts wherever possible
– eat them as a snack 3 or more hours after dinner. Desserts clog you up!


13) Try to go for savoury snacks over sweet ones. The sweeter ones, such as dried fruits and snack bars, are more likely to knock you off balance, and can exacerbate cravings and mood swings. Try a handful of sprouted sunflower seeds or some dehydrated crackers for something a bit more interesting and satisfying.


14) Make sure you have adequate time to prepare, eat and digest before getting back to business.


15) Try to eat no later than 7pm every night. If the sky is dark, your body is also shutting down for the day and digestion will be more difficult.


BONUS 16) Remember that you need to love what you do, love what you eat and love the way you feel - this above all must be true :


50 Great Reasons to Go Raw


“To have unlimited energy”  

“To increase my clarity”

“To reach my natural weight”

“To improve my memory”

“To support farmers”          

“To have sharper concentration”

“To conserve enzymes”         

“To raise my vibration”

“To rejuvenate and reverse signs of aging”   

“For spiritual expansion”


And another 40 more...


“To detoxify my body naturally”         

“To become more vibrant”

“To re-create a clean shiny new me!”    

“To create a sense of balance”

“To strengthen my immune system”              

“To reawaken my intuition”

“To dramatically reduce my chance of disease”           

“I want to use raw eating as a tool to help me release negative emotions and blocks”

“To extend my life span”           

“I’ve only been raw for a short while but for me it’s the biggest high ever!”

“To function at my peak”              

“I want to reduce my food bills”

“To balance my body’s temperature, regardless of external conditions”        

“I want to break my emotional attachments to foods”

“To have eyes that sparkle”       

“I want to get back in touch with my body and myself”

“To have clear skin”       

“I want to become more calm and collected”

“To have young-looking skin”

“It’s environmentally friendly”

“To have shiny, glossy hair”         

“I’m a vegetarian/vegan and this is the next step”

“To improve my eyesight”        

“I want to use less fossil fuel”

“Because the food is delicious”

“I want those insights people talk about”

“I discovered the durian!”          

“Meal preparation is so easy”

“I like to eat truly natural food”

“It saves time”

“I want to explore a world of taste I never knew existed before”

“I want to meet like-minded people”

“I love fruit!”      

“To lower my fuel bills!”

“I love the beautiful colours of raw food”       

“It’s an exciting adventure”

“I want to learn how to become hungry properly”         

“It will help me achieve my potential”

“Because it will help me grow as a person as well as better my health”         

“Because I love myself


Thanks to Karen Knowler for allowing this stuff to be pasted.


I also brought I plant today hoping that if I surround myself with more nature it will inspire me to eat raw. My boyfriend and I are going for a walk in the forest when he next comes to visit- I’m trying to enjoy nature more and it will be nice to get away from the sound of cars!


Sweet Dreams




Links: http://karenknowler.typepad.com/living_in_the_raw/quick_stuff_raw_food_top_tips/index.html

Raw Ice Cream

Monday, 26 January 2009


Breakfast two boiled eggs and two pieces of toast.


Snack two stalks of celery and some hummus.


One banana and a pot of camomile tea.


A little after eating I got a terrible stomach ach, I think I eat too quickly so I went to lay down and feel asleep (which means I wont be able to sleep tonight). Because of this I decided to try some light food before dinner and had a pink grapefruit and an orange, which was lovely. This awoke the hunger in my and I had a delicious salad of sweet off the vine tomatoes, salad leaves with bits so beetroot (so sweet), basil, pine nuts and red onion with a olive oil and black pepper dressing.  This was so good I wanted to eat a little more raw food so I had an avocado with some tomatoes and cucumber with a bit of dressing.  After eating this I felt great, my hunger was satisfied but I didn’t feel heavy with fullness and I had a burst of energy so I decided to tidy my room and do a little work (at ten o’clock I’m usually slumped in front of my laptop).

I made some banana ice cream today which was delicious- I think this will be my new evening snack! I top it with honey and cashew nuts- scummy! 


I was looking on Karen Knowler’s site today, which has a really good pdf file about getting started with raw food. It has exercises to prepare you, which I think I will try to do tomorrow. She also has some really good tips to help deal with cooked food cravings. She suggests you think about what the food you are craving means to you and other ways to satisfy that want. I was also looking at buying her e-book The Raw Food Coach’s How To Get Started With Raw Foods and was wondering if it is any good?


I also brought some goodies from the fresh network; I can’t wait to try some raw chocolate bars!




Junk food hangover


Good evening


The end of last week was crazy, I had so much work to do and so little time I’m afraid I didn’t stick to my raw diet and then at the weekend it got even worse. My boyfriend came to visit and I binged on junk food. I think my practice run where I ate all raw apart from a couple of meals worked because I wasn’t saying goodbye to the food I love forever I’m so eager to reap the benefits of a raw diet that I fear I got ahead of myself. I’m torn because part of me wants to dive in at the deep end and eat raw and the other part of me knows I should build up to a raw diet over time. I’m impatient and I want to start living more fully. I have been on Karen Knowler’s site  which has been helpful and I will start reading some sites on raw food regularly for inspiration. After what I have eating this weekend and the how tired and drained it has made me feel I am more certain that a raw diet will benefit me in so many ways- I just hope I wont be let down.





Tuesday, 20 January 2009


For breakfast I had a glass of orange juice. And some Smoothie with blueberries and Goji berries


For lunch I had a salad with some of the salsa, which was lovely, and for dinner I had another salad with rocket, watercress, red peppers, red onion with some more salsa.


After dinner I had some more Smoothie.  I couldn’t get to the market today am I am really missing my fruit! I will have to pop to Tescos tomorrow and pick up some more bits- I’m going through my salad stuff really quickly I hope it wont be too expensive to buy the food I need on a weekly basis. I will have to look for some cheap bits to add to my salad- I don’t have a garden so I can’t grow my own.


I think I will also need to buy a raw food book to inspire me to keep it up I would also like to learn more about the advantages of raw food.

Jan. 19th, 2009

Monday, 19 January 2009




*I have updated this journal throughout the day so my entry will differ between past and present tense.


I woke up today (later then I planned) craving cooked food- I had pasta late last night and I think I still had a taste for it. So instead of having breakfast straight away I had a pot of camomile tea to cleanse my taste buds (not raw as it was made with boiling water but I’m not sure if I will drop herbal teas from my diet-the warmth from them may help me stay raw) while making my tea I made some coffee for my housemate which was tempting but I think I enjoy the smell of coffee as much as the taste- coffee is kind of a passion of mine.



I had a glass of orange juice while making lunch- that was really scummy


For lunch I had a salad of baby leaves with some rocket and watercress, I toped with baby plum tomatoes, a little bit of red onion and pine nuts. I usually make a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil but the vinegar isn’t raw so I seasoned some olive oil and mixed in some fresh basil, chopped pine nuts and a bit of tomato. The dressing was nice a simple I have left the remaining in the fridge to see if it tastes stronger after letting the flavours soak into each other.  With lunch I had another glass of orange juice.


I’m really enjoying eating salads they are delicious! I will try making some salsa later this week to add some depth to my meals.


I have had a glass of apple juice (I really fancy juice today) I’m feeling quite good all the fruit has made me feel refreshed (I usually feel energised after eating fruit I’m looking forward to feeling this more). I have made a little salsa to add to my salads from baby plum tomatoes that they are over ripe so really juicy!  Then I added some red onion, red paper, chilli (just a little) and some olive oil and black pepper. It tasted mainly of tomatoes so I added some basil and some pine nuts that gave it a lovely crunchy texture.  I have left the flavours to mix and will have some tomorrow when hopefully my avocados will be ripe.


Opps! I was just reminded that my flatmate is cooking for both of us tonight.  I was really looking forward to being a 100%  raw but I don’t want to be rude as she has gone to the effort to cook for me, the meal will have loads of veggies though.. It will be interesting to compare how I feel after eating cooked food.



At half five I had a snack on one banana, two apricots a few cherries and some cashew nuts.


Dinner was tasty and comforting I wanted more but had a glass of orange juice instead. I feel quite sleepy now like all my energy has been zapped.


The orange juice gave me a burst of energy so I need some yoga only 30mins but that’s very rare for me. I don’t usually have the energy for exercise and usually just sit in front of my computer or TV during the evenings. I’m quite excited about the diet and I think this has giving me some energy.


I’m opportunistic about changing my diet I hope it benefits me in the way I have read about.



Hello, First entry


I have started this journal as I am panning on trying the raw food diet and I want to record my journey to help me stick to it. I have tried this diet in the past but only for short amount of time and for the past three years I have been planning to go back on the diet but each time things get in the way such at money, work, time... But I have decided that now is the time for me to go for it.

Through this journel I plan to keep a record of what I have been eating the effects of the diet I also hope to swap ideas and experiences with others how eat in the same way.  I have researched the diet on the net but still have loads to learn!

Why am I going on the raw diet?

Because I am fed up of having no energy and feeling tired all the time.

I want to clear up my skin.

To improve my health and feel better.

I have read about the effects from other raw eaters on the net and want to see if it can have the same effect for me. I am a vegetarian on a relativity healthy diet but it doesn't seem to be working for me I eat better than most of my friends and family but I still lack energy, hopefully raw food will be my answer.


I will be starting my raw food journey tomorrow so today I have eating my normal diet. Last week I had a warm up as I had a raw breakfast  and  lunch and then a cooked dinner. On some days all my meals were raw but I had a little bit of chocolate in the evenings- I must try some raw chocolate to see if it is a good substitute I went out to tescos today to buy all my salad bits .and some innocent Smoothies (not raw but I don’t have a Smoothie maker yet) I will buy some fruit at the market on Tuesday but I should have enough to get by until then.


I’m excited about tomorrow and can’t wait to see what happens!